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Where is production control? Nowhere in sight

I really can't see how the company I work for stays in business. They have no one and I mean absolutely no one in charge of production control. Production control is the department or person who is in charge of scheduling work orders and making sure they are released to production in a timely manner to make sure the product gets shipped on time.

Here is how they do it here. The production manager runs out of work for his crew and
he goes up to the stockroom and begs for a work order to be kitted up or released so that his people have something to do. Never mind that the parts are not complete or that there is a problem with the build............he wants it and he wants it now.

That is what happened today. No work, and the production manager running around looking for something for his crew to build. Of course this was after telling everyone that mandatory overtime begins tomorrow with 10 hour days, but there is nothing to work on.  Are they morons, I think so.

Now this mandatory overtime also has the few workers that like to milk the job for anything they can get out of it. I can't wait until upper management finds out that their expenses for labor go skyward. The company is such a tight wad and pretty anal about labor costs that the mandatory overtime will probably end before the end of the week.
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