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The best way to walk out on your employer

Don't you just hate it when you really hate where you are working but can't seem to quit? I walked out on one company and loved it.

Back in the early 1980's I worked for a company in Menlo Park, CA that made controllers for robotics. I worked there for 6 years when I fell in love and married a co-worker. During those 6 years I was convinced by my "old school" thinking dad that you never quit a job. His idea was that once you were in a job for a few years you stayed there until the company shut its doors or
you retired. I listened to him and wasted 6 years of my life at a go nowhere job. I was convinced that no other company would hire me and that I could not afford to quit. After I got married my husband was supportive of me leaving for greener pastures.

The boss, Fred, was a PITA. He treated me like cheap labor even though I was the head of a department but without the pay to go with it. I would complain about poor lighting, no heating or air conditioning but they all went in one ear and exited out the other. Long hours in a neighborhood known for rapes, this was not my ideal employer.

After I was passed up for yet another promotion, I was ready to move on. Fred had gone on vacation and the person in charge was acting worse than he was. Fred was only gone for 2 days when I had, had enough. I got all of my personal belongings together and put them in my car. I next destroyed all of the work instructions that I had written for the department. Fred told me that he did not want my department to have any in the first place so that is what he got..........nothing. I did not take anything belonging to the company but I did make certain log books hard to find. Then I went home at quitting time.

The next morning I called in and quit on the phone. I told them to have my paycheck ready so I could drop by later that day and pick it up. They told me that they could hold my paycheck for a week but at the time the law said they couldn't and I threatened to report them to the department of labor............the paycheck would be ready in 2 hours. It pays to know the state laws. Within an hour I got a call from Fred asking my why I quit and begging me to come in and talk. I said he already knew why and that he treated me like dirt and I was fed up with being his doormat.

I picked up my paycheck that afternoon. Said my goodbyes to the co-workers I knew and was out of there in under 15 minutes.

I found a great job within a week and worked there for 12 years until the company shut down.

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