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My turn to be a dumb shit

I had a blonde moment yesterday at work............yes it was my turn to do something dumb.

I was building and packing some mechanical assemblies. I counted them and I had 48 packaged and ready to ship at least that was what I could swear was the case. At the end of the day, shipping had only taken 16 to ship with 28 units, at least that was my count. The guy doing the shipping swore that every unit had a mechanical assembly with it. So dumb me, I tell my boss that I think the count is "off." So here comes all the upper managers in the company to
see what is going on. Good Lord! I had no idea it would cause such a ruckus. The operations manager looked like he had already had a rough day and I noticed that his lower eyelid was twitching like crazy. In fact during that whole day, every time I saw him, his hair was getting crazier looking. I guess he was finding a secluded place to try and pull his hair out. All 3 managers and the head of shipping have a plan.

Instead of having the boxed up units opened up here is what management does:
  • They have the boxed units weighed to see if they weigh the same as the units already shipped
  • They have me count the parts that I have left to build to see how many I have made
  • They check with inventory to see how many are in stock to see if I got the correct number of parts to begin with.
Here is their results:
  • They deduce that I made 60 and not 48 assemblies and that all of the parts are accounted for "if all of the boxed up shipments are with the mechanical assemblies I made."
The managers made me look like a dumb shit and I will still swear that I made only 48 assemblies. Yes I feel dumb, that is until I hear from my boss that the company gets a phone call from the customer that they are missing 16 assemblies.

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