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All I want to be is an average American worker

Did you see the news report on MSNBC  few days ago? They had what the average American worker earns a week after taxes and they were discussing how low it was.

So are you ready to read what the "average" worker gets? I bet you are and I bet you were average too. So without further delay here it is:

$752 a week AFTER taxes
Don't you wish you earned that kind of pay? It is probably around $21 to $22 an hour depending on how many deductions the "average" worker takes.

Well, I am not average and I am far from it. I was average about 12 years ago but that company got sold to Tyco Electronics which promptly shut it down and took the designs to one of their other companies. So much for mergers.

Yes, to dream to be just average again.

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