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Building products for customers who can't pay

It is the first day after the 4th of July weekend and business is booming, at least the work load is. The dumb shits in charge of the company I work for have a problem. One of their biggest customers is not paying their bills.

Two weeks ago it was decided that everyone has to do mandatory overtime to the tune of 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and Saturdays. This was to accommodate their biggest customer to whom they were shipping very expensive units. They were being shipped COD and wanted 20 units a day shipped. Each unit has a profit of about $900. Then the customer went on credit hold.............they were no longer paying their bills. So what does this dumb shit company do?
Continue to build and pump more overtime into it. They are expecting their customer to come off of credit hold and pay their bills again, like a miracle. I've got news for them, when a company can't pay for supplies they are usually having money flow problems else where in their organization and need to cover essentials like payroll first.

So tomorrow I go back and build like crazy, more units, that will be boxed up and stored until the customer can pay for them. I wonder when that will happen?

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