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A word about company politics

I can't get over the fact that the place that I work at has too much drama and politics going on. You will probably say that it is typical of most companies but this place has less than 15 people in production and that includes the supervisor!!

I am not alone in thinking there is much too much going on in the place other than work. The manager that gave his notice just last week had a very private meeting with me today. He wanted to let me know
the real reason he is leaving and that he thought I was one of the very professional people that worked at the place that tried to stay out of the politics and favoritism that goes on.

He told me that the main reason he is leaving is that he refuses to "crack the whip" on the production line. The upper management and the owner just want a glorified sweat shop and he was unaware of that when he accepted the job just 5 months ago. He kept thinking that he could make a difference in the place but the owner it seems is a butt head about it. I told him quite frankly that when the economy starts to turn around, all of their skilled labor will move on to greener pastures. That will leave the company going down the tubes as it deserves to. Right now it is just a weekly (and weakly) paycheck for me.

I wish the guy good luck. He was the only one in the place that was in charge that had experience at the management level in a real corporation. He hinted that he has connections with Intel and might be working with or for them.

He enlightened me as to a number of co-workers who are jealous of other workers, he did not tell me who they are though. Damn, I need to know that so I can steer clear of them. Oh well, more company politics.

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