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My dream of quiting in style

I have a dream, a dream of leaving the place I work at - in style.

Have you ever wanted to tell your job or boss to shove it? I think that everyone has during their working lifetime. My dream is to not only get a better job or better yet a very reliable income that I could pick and choose to work when and where I wanted to. Once I got that dream job or career, I would like to quit my god forsaken PITA job in real style.

My idea of "real style" would arrive at work slightly late, say about 30 minutes or so, in a vehicle that would
turn heads. I would probably rent the car or hire a limo for the morning. I would make sure that the vehicle would be noticed by most of my co-workers. I would go into the job and just quit. I would tell them that I no longer needed to work for a living. They don't have to know where I am going or my next job. I would make sure that I said goodbye to all my co-workers at break time so they would not miss me getting into the vehicle and leaving in style. I would not tell any of them where the vehicle came from or anything about my future plans. I would leave them guessing.

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