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I have been talked to....................

Don't you just hate getting called to the office? Most of the time it is bad news and this time it was just odd.

Getting called to the office or conference room usually entails getting fired or laid off or on rarer occasions a rise and a promotion. In this economy it is usually the former rather than the latter.

My morning started out normal and I had plans to get a lot done. I was working a job I really liked and it was easy for me. About one hour into my shift, my immediate supervisor calls me. He needs me to accompany him to the conference room. Gawd, the conference room!! What the heck did I do?? I arrived to be greeted by 2 other managers. I sat down.
Expecting the worse the operations manager asked me why I hated the sales department. I asked him to repeat the question and he did. I was totally puzzled and said so. I told him that I don't know anyone in the sales department. That was when he told me that the head of sales was very upset at a rumor I was spreading about him. I told everyone that I don't even know the guy (but it did pique my curiosity as to what I was suppose to be saying). The boss then mumbled something to himself that sounded like "someone is jerking my chain." The subject was then changed to I was doing a good job but the job I was on had been cancelled by the customer and I had to go back and pack everything up. Then I was dismissed.

That was the oddest thing that ever happened to me. I must have stepped on someones toes or someone thinks I am replacing them in some way. Gads, in this company you only have to stay longer than 6 months to replace someone. I wonder who has it in for me? Company politics......................I hate it.

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