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I dread Mondays

I know that song "Just Another Manic Monday" and the other one about shooting the "whole day down," must have been written with my job in mind.

Mondays are often the days when everything changes at work. Customers get put on credit holds and we can't ship the items we have already built to them. The company I work for is not getting parts in time due to all the other, bigger, companies grabbing them up or worse yet, the company I work for is not paying their bills. Mondays are also when you find out those rumor mills are true that you heard on Friday.

Mondays are also the days when new people start working at the company or new rules go into effect. Yes, Mondays are a PITA.

They (Mondays) are also the day when you find out which employees are noticed for having hangovers or call in sick all the time. Some of them never show up again. I knew several people over the years that died over the weekends and the company was the only one to send someone out to check on them. Other employees were in jail and never returned.

I am not too fond of Mondays. The only way that would change is if I didn't have to physically go to work on Mondays. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.

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