People reading this now

Could you please grow a set of balls?

The operations manager is on vacation. You would think that it does not make a bit of difference to the company but you would be wrong.

The operations manager has made the company a place where ALL of the decisions have to be run past him first before anyone can change ANYTHING. Just today I found an error on a
pick list for a product build. I asked for it to be corrected and the answer was - we have to wait until "Fred" comes back from vacation for that. Fine, it can wait but then I needed something else fixed and the same answer was given.

I wonder if the owner realizes that the entire company is crippled when that one person is gone. Heaven forbid if anything should happen to him.

It was after several "we have to wait until the idiot manager to come back" responses that I returned to my work area, totally frustrated. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs -- WILL YOU PEOPLE GROW A SET?

This is no way to run a company. If your company has such a set up, print this out. Post it somewhere where someone that has the power to change it will see it. No company should be run like that.  A company that is run on the emotion of fear will eventually go out of business.

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