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Management screws up - yet again

I can't even go on a few days vacation from my work place without coming back to more drama. If this keeps up maybe I should be writing a soap opera and not a blog.

While I was gone the dumb shit of a production manager was fired. This was the same dip shit who had a royal fit because I needed to take off a Friday and not work his "mandatory" Saturday work day. Well it turns out that on the Friday, when I was gone, all "mandatory" overtime was cancelled. This happened right after (and I mean within hours) the dip shit was canned.

Today came the bombshell of a meeting of why the idiot got canned. Apparently he was
costing the company money. In order to met the deadlines that the big bosses demanded he meet, he was throwing overtime and other overhead costs at the work. This of course had been going on for the last 6 months and the idiots in charge only just found that out!!! During those 6 months, all we heard from upper management was praise for the production manager.

So now the company needs to go from a company with about 50% of overhead costs back to where they were at 35% of overhead costs. Never mind that company is making money hand over fist. The upper management people seem to be doing just fine with their big SUV's and huge trucks with dually's in the back. I can only dream of being able to fill up my gas tank for under $30 while these guys think nothing of filling up for $160 twice a week.

The bottom line of the meeting is that they (the company) wants us pee ons to come up with ideas on how WE can save the company money with the overhead costs. My response is WHY? I don't get paid enough as it is and they want US to save them money WTF!!!

Good God, what is next?

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